Frequently Asked Questions


We schedule maintenance based on your preferences and availability. Contact us to discuss a suitable day for your lawn care needs.

We offer both bagging and mulching options for clippings. Bagging provides a clean look, while mulching returns nutrients to the soil.

We strive to accommodate various scheduling needs, including Friday services. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We can provide a tailored service to enhance the appearance of your lawn before events, including precise mowing, edging, and additional grooming for a pristine look.

The water needs vary based on factors like grass type and local climate. We can provide personalized recommendations for optimal summer watering schedules.

We use a variety of mower sizes to suit different lawn areas, ensuring efficiency and precision in our lawn care services.

We follow industry best practices and adjust cutting height based on grass type and seasonal conditions for optimal lawn health.

Proper mowing height and alternating patterns promote even growth, discourage thatch buildup, and enhance the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

We regularly sharpen our mower blades to ensure clean cuts, promoting a healthier lawn and maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

We offer comprehensive shrub pruning services, including shaping, thinning, and rejuvenation pruning, tailored to the specific needs of your landscape.

Our commercial grounds maintenance services encompass lawn care, landscaping, tree and shrub care, and seasonal upkeep to maintain a professional and inviting exterior for your business.

We offer various maintenance plans tailored to your needs, including weekly, bi-weekly, and seasonal plans to keep your property in optimal condition throughout the year.

We provide seasonal color enhancements through flower bed plantings, ensuring your landscape reflects vibrant and changing hues throughout the year.


A well-landscaped property enhances curb appeal, potentially increasing property value and attracting more prospective buyers.

Plants and trees improve air quality, provide shade, and contribute to a healthier environment, making your property more appealing and sustainable.

Lawns absorb carbon dioxide, reduce heat, prevent soil erosion, and promote biodiversity, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable local ecosystem.

Costs vary based on services required and property size. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific needs and budget.

Shrubs should be pruned based on their specific growth patterns and flowering times. We offer professional guidance and services to ensure optimal pruning for your shrubs.

Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Mulching around annuals and perennials helps conserve moisture, control weeds, and maintain soil health, promoting optimal plant growth.

We offer various mulch options, and costs depend on the type and quantity. Contact us for details on available mulches and pricing.

Our fertilization programs are customized to your lawn’s specific needs, promoting healthy growth. Weed control measures are integrated into our services to ensure a lush and weed-free lawn.


We offer comprehensive landscape design services, including detailed estimates for the proposed design, ensuring transparency and alignment with your budget.

We provide detailed maintenance guidelines and can offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your landscape continues to thrive.

Our installations typically come with a warranty. Specifics vary by project; we’ll provide detailed warranty information for your particular landscape installation.

Costs depend on the scope of the project, chosen features, and materials. We offer personalized consultations and estimates to help you plan and budget for your landscaping goals.

Feel free to reach out for more detailed information or to discuss your specific lawn care needs. We’re dedicated to delivering reliable and comprehensive services for a variety of projects!

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Matt N.
Excellent work, quick and reliable!
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Helen S.
He answers the phone when you call & came the same day to give me an estimate and came within a couple of days once the leaves had finally dropped from my trees. His work was excellent. I will hire him every fall.
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